Diamond = Purpose

November 17, 2017

In the beginning diamonds were deposited

Born with a purpose from God

Lied to, wrong story formed

Coal verses igneous rock

Family verses Holy Spirit

High temperature and pressures form jewel

Obstacles and heart ache form us

“diamond stability zones” delivered to earths surface, deep source volcanic eruption

Life’s stumbling’s brings forth the purpose

Born to live, Born to sparkle

God created, in the beginning

He decided we sparkle

Choose to sparkle



November 10, 2017

Born with purpose

Sponge, learning, soaking, shaping, stewing, sharpening


dreams, passion, love, fulfilment, enthusiasm, spunk


yelled, blamed, clipped, molded, slapped, accused, stolen, abused


forgiveness, rebirth, time, prayer, newness, wings, purpose


darkness, control, wounded, jealousy, sadness, misunderstood, heavy, pressure, anxiety


examine, plan, future, wellness, greater purpose, thawing, social

But why

still told how, when, where, if not, conditions, friends, how much

Wings shredded

Blue and Red

October 19, 2017

Autonomy…independence or freedom, as of the will or one’s actions.  Blue

Liberty…freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction.  Red

Buy a Kate Spade bag.  Blue

Worship freely, no consequences.  Red

Hot mocha, stays hot, quiet morning.  Blue

Tight schedule, demands erased.  Red

Fly as needed, pour all, ocean paradise.  Blue

Where, What, Who, When, Why.  Red

Traditional work gone.  Blue

Carrot cake, cream cheese, coffee.  Red

Nanny, grandparents, overnights.  Blue

Relocate, distance, private mailbox.  Red

Running, bodies energy, movement.  Blue

Business, educate, fine tune.  Red

Friends, teammates, connections.  Blue

Long hair, Toyota, name change.  Red

Create, write, preserve.  Blue

No potluck, signature, not following.  Red

Life’s scenarios are clear…they are blue or red




Up and Away

Friday, October 13, 2017

I had a plan…teacher, masters in counselling, comfortable

The plan blew up…married, children and sick from stress

10 years crawl by

angry, sick, lost, broke, resentful, hopeless, crushed, dark, hiding

Walls are thick concrete, frozen heart

Life teeters

Chose to fight back to living life

God?  What?  Live!

Purpose…Freedom…Unconditional Love…

married with family

running, communicating, laughing, loving, supporting, hugging, creating, working, earning, music, friends, reading, praying, helping, adventures, dreaming, spirit filled

Relieved to live without concrete

Concrete Up and Away





Real Purpose?

Purpose is defined as “the reason for which something exists or is done, make etc.”(Copyright 1997 Random House Inc).  That place during our existence when the question becomes WHY?  Why am I here? Why this path? Why this situation? Why do feelings hit hard or miss?  Why this friendship? Why this intersection? Why this talent? Why this pain? Why this love? Why this death?  Along with purpose the question “What do you want” constantly haunts and threatens the bunker of safety and delusion.  Digging deeper than the weather… Picture a water fall, our purpose is at the bottom, with thousands of gallons of  life, pounding and smashing it, trying to cause disconnect between self and spirit.  Yelling “WHAT DO YOU WANT”!  Just surviving, trying not to drown, overwhelmed with emotions or no emotions, not wanting to feel, needing a life jacket.  Difficult to remember the reason to exist, difficult to hear His voice, difficult to find the strength to push upwards towards oxygen.  WHAT DO YOU WANT!  Waterfall cleansing and clarity instead of screaming confusion.  what do you want, becomes clearer and manageable, eventually purpose will float to the top.  what do you want?

The Pen of Life

Decisions begin early in life.  We watch, we experience, we mimic.  Some are scolded, some are bullied, some are told and yet we have unappreciated authority in life to choose our destiny.  The pen of life!  Equal access.  Some are strong, authority commanded, natural-born leaders.  Some deny the right, eyes dropped, posture soggy, effortlessly captured, essentially stolen.  Some, confused, truth line blurred, walk tall, make up perfect, elegant appearance, unseen cracked heart…give their pen away.  Confidence killed!  Unseen to the onlooker and sometimes unapparent to the giver until the day comes and the powerful pen, standing tall, tightly gripped by  the hand of alien descendant.  Fighting for liberty once again, ownership to put destiny on her path.  Waves of anger throw sprays of guilt, pebbles of resentment and a hunger for change.  It all begins by taking the infamous pen back and breathing purpose into life.  Own it!